Voit 48 in. Billiards Table Review

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Indoor games are the best source of entertainment that one can avail. The world is full of such games that can be played with one’s family during their spare time, but not many of these games are convenient enough to be played at home, forcing people to go to clubs and other places where such games are found. Though the option of going out is not that bad, people usually prefer staying at home in their leisure time while craving for the enjoyment that these games can bring to them.

Talking specifically about pool, the game is quite huge to fit in one’s room, which prevents people from owning a pool table. To own a table, one needs to have a huge house or else they will have to opt for the same outdoor options as mentioned above.

However, the problem has now been eliminated after the introduction of the new Voit 48 inch Billiards Table that is equipped with features that make it more convenient and adjustable to the size of one’s room.


The table is adjustable to any room sizes. Unlike the conventional huge pool tables, the Voit 48 inch billiards table set comes in a small size that you can fit in a small room. Moreover, the table is available in various appealing colors, making the purchase even more interesting. Its unique features include its rubber bumpers, adjustable legs, and drop pocket design that adds to the table’s design. This small pool table comes at a very reasonable price for enthusiasts to buy.

It is also relevant to mention that this pool table is manufactured by the most popular manufacturers in the game table industry. Voit is specialized at making exceptional tables that are unique in its design and use.


  • Table Dimensions: 49.5″ x 28″ x 6.5″
  • Weigh: 66 lbs.
  • Rubber side bumpers
  • Compact and long lasting
  • Easy to build
  • Contains a professional drop pocket design
  • Adjustable legs
  • Comes with its complete set
  • Available in various colors


This can also be used as kids pool table that contains a lot of features that turn out to be a benefit for its purchasers as mentioned above. This table is highly adjustable due to its modifiable legs, which can help change its length. It can also be adjusted to fit in a room of any size and allow pool enthusiasts to enjoy the game at home. Moreover, the design of the table is highly unique, consisting of features that standard pool tables lack. These features include rubber side bumpers and a drop pocket design apart from the ones mentioned before.

The table is also very reasonably priced, a feature that is capable of drawing a lot of buyers towards it. Moreover, the product is available online for purchase at Amazon, providing its buyers further convenience. They don’t have to leave their home to buy this table; all they have to do is order from Amazon.


This small pool table can only be used by people aged above 12. There are no major issues that consumers have faced with respect to the product, except for a minor one.

The only drawback that the table seems to have is related to its side pockets. It can be a bit complicated to get the balls out of the pockets. Other than this issue, the product is fine in terms of its performance and benefits provided.


Due to its unique features and innovative design, this table is quite in demand these days. This small pool table is aimed at providing users with the convenience they desire at the least possible price. As per the review of the customers, the product is a mandatory purchase for those who love pool and wish to keep one at their house.

Moreover, as far as the table’s features are concerned, it is durable, reliable, and innovative. The table comes with its complete set of accessories, which includes cue sticks, a ball set, rack, brush, and gameplay instructions.

Although the product has a drawback, it is not powerful enough to make customers disregard from the product. Also, compared with the features and convenience that the product offers to its consumers, the priced charged for it is quite low, making it an attractive purchase. Hence, for consumers who wish to own a small pool table, the Voit 48 inch Billiards Table set is the best that they can purchase.

   Checkout the Product Price on Amazon.com

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