Pool Table Buying Guide

Pool is one of the most fascinating and popular games in the world. A pool table makes an exciting game to be played occasionally with family members and friends if you have one in your home. People of all ages love playing the game.

And if you are in the process of buying one, choosing the right table is important, as lot of factors play in selecting the best; right from the budget, quality, build, the space available in your room and whether you are serious player or an occasional player etc.

Provided below are some of the important factors to consider before buying the right pool table for you.

Room Size

One of the most important factors while buying a table is to know the exact dimensions of the room you are going to place the table. Pool tables mainly come in 3 different sizes: 7, 8 and 9 foot tables. One more thing you need to consider is that the dimensions of the table are only from bumper to bumper and not including the size of the rails. And mostly the size of the rails varies between 4”-6”, so you need to add a maximum of 12 inches to the length and width of the table size. Another aspect is the length of the cue being used and it may vary from 48”, 52”, 58” the standard being 48” in length. With this information, we drew up a chart denoting the length and width of the room and factoring in the above considerations to buy the right table. Click here to check out our guide for Pool Table Sizes.


Whether you are buying a pool table for just a showpiece material in the centre of your study room, or going to buy for your kids to practice the game of pool or buying the table for your family members and friends while hosting a party or a get-together. Once you finalize on the usage of the table that may lead you closer to buying the right kind of table.


Pool Table comes in all kinds of material like solid wood, plywood, MDF and veneers. The longevity of the table is determined based on the material and details of the table. A table made completely of solid wood will be priced much higher than a table made of plywood, MDF or particle boards. And if you think a complete slate table is pricey, you can opt for a table built using solid hardwood with veneer that comes for a lesser price.


The Slate is one of the most important parts of your table. They come in as 1 piece or 3 piece slate. Most of the higher quality tables come with a 3-piece slate that are diamond honed and matched to provide a clean and smooth surface and also to ensure that the 3 pieces match correctly. 1 inch slate is the standard size of the slate approved by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) for use in tournaments.


The slate is no good if it is not supported by a strong wooden frame. The frame is the one that supports the slate to remain in an even level. Solid hardwood frames provide longer life and supports the slate very well and won’t give any problems in the future.


The cushion or rubber is attached to the rails, which form a top part of the pool table. And the rail plays an important role in connecting to each and every part of the table. Rails should be bolted with screws through the slate till down into the frame to provide accurate playing conditions. Rails made with solid hardwood are preferred among many players as they provide greater longevity.


Felt is designed to cover the entire surface of a pool table and actually made of a wooden blend cloth to provide a clean and smooth playing surface. Recently these cloths are added with Teflon to prevent the cloths being damaged from spills. If you are buying the table for your home, then a 21 Oz recreational cloth made with a combination of 80:20 wool and nylon mix will be ideal for home playing.

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