Playcraft Extera 8-Foot Outdoor Pool Table Review

Looking for the perfect outdoor pool table to accompany your Foosball and ping-pong tables and complete your patio setup? Then you might want to take a look at the Playcraft Extera Outdoor Pool Table with Playing Equipment, Silver, 8-Foot. Here’s a rundown of what it brags about and if it fits your requirements and preferences.

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Product Specifications

The Playcraft Extera measures 8 foot and sports a sleek and modern design. Since it was meant to be used outdoors, the materials used are weatherproof to ensure long use. The table, when assembled, has a dimension of 31.5 by 55 by 99 inches. It weighs a hefty 436 pounds.

The 8-Foot pool table comes with extruded 6-inch top rails made of aluminum, 5.5-inch aprons, and tubular beam frame and legs.

Product Features

The Playcraft Extera comes with playing equipment: two composite aluminum cue sticks, a set of 2.25-inch billiard balls, a 15-ball triangle rack, a cloth brush, a couple of cue chalks, and a PVC cover.


The legs are treated with anti-rust solution to enhance resistance against oxidation and corrosion. The 1-inch thick playfield is made of composite materials to weather the elements and withstand normal wear and tear. The top cap and corner posts are also made of unified aluminum and the large beam legs are cross truss-braced so they are quite sturdy and durable and can be adjusted for leveling. The billiard cloth is made of UV-resistant polytech material and comes in an electric blue color.

Indeed, this pool table has all the makings of a piece of good outdoor playing equipment.

Shipping and Handling

The Playcraft Extera Outdoor Pool Table with Playing Equipment, Silver, 8-Foot came from Amazon so the shipping was free. It seemed like an advantage at first. But its weight of 436 pounds of mostly aluminum material proved
otherwise. That’s one serious weight. The free shipping means you’ll only have the delivery guy helping you get the thing out of the truck and into your patio or garage. You’ll be all alone while assembling this monstrous contraption. So, it’s recommended that you get the white glove delivery option. That means they will deliver and also assemble the table while you go sip your glass of margarita by the pool and get that wanted tan.

It took four people to help unbox and assemble the table and even with that number of people, the assembly process was still quite a challenge — especially the part when it was needed to turn over the top board to attach the legs. The assembly process itself is simple enough — if not for its weight, a 6-year-old kid could have done it. It’s the weight of the individual parts and the table as a whole that lengthened the assembly time. If weight is the basis for durability, this 8ft pool table will last for three generations, more or less. That’s how sturdy this product is.


What’s good about the Playcraft Extera Outdoor Pool Table with Playing Equipment, Silver, 8-Foot is the fabric it uses. The fabric is similar to the one used in patio umbrellas and outdoor furniture. It might not be good to the touch but the use of it is necessary, simply because the product was meant to be used outdoors. Hence, it will be regularly exposed to rain, sun, dust, and even snow. It wouldn’t be weatherproof if felt were used because the playing surface would become warped in no time.PlaycraftExtera003

On the aesthetic side, the mostly aluminum parts will work well if you’re looking for a more modern design for your equipment. But if you long for that classic wooden table, this one’s not for you.


If you are used to the traditional felt playing surface common to most tables, you might feel a little off with the material used for the Playcraft Extera. The problem with this fabric is that even though shots are fast because of the smooth surface, ball spins won’t work well.

Do note as well that the playing surface of the 8-Foot pool table may not be perfectly flat and level. One of the corners has a slight slope and it’s very noticeable during slow shots. That doesn’t happen on the rest of the corners and on the center so the surface is a bit warped on that particular corner. You can always call Amazon for an exchange if that bothers you.

Other things that might seem a bit off about this outdoor pool table are the lack of rail guides, and the not-deep-enough pockets. This will be a concern if you are too lazy to empty the pockets of dropped balls. The pockets on this table can only accommodate three balls — more than that and you might start dropping balls on the floor.

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The Verdict

The Playcraft Extera Outdoor Pool Table has been in the patio for the past three months and still looks and performs well. It’s a recommended buy but before you do, you should think if it does fulfill your requirements. Take note that the product is not cheap at a little over two grand.

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