Mizerak Donovan 8 foot Billiard Table Review


If you’ve been looking for the perfect pool or snooker table to add to your man cave, or you just want to find a slate pool table for sale to better entertain all of your guests, you’ll want to take a much closer look at the Mizerak Donovan 8 foot billiard table – one of the most impressive options available on the market today at a price point that is tough to beat.MizerakDonovanImage001

Available in two different style types (slate as well as slatron), this is definitely one of the best billiards table options you can get your hands on today.

Beautifully designed, perfectly smooth and level, and engineered to last years and years – even after regular daily play – there may not be a better table than this one (especially at this price point).

Initial impressions

This table has been designed to look just as clean and classic as possible for the most part, with a bright and brilliant red cloth that helps to set it apart from most traditional tables.

Engineered using the highest end construction materials available (especially if you go for the slate pool table as opposed to the slatron type, which we would recommend), each and every strike is going to roll true when you play on this Mizerak pool table.

The 3-5/8 inch rails have K66 nose rubber in place, giving you a much more consistent rebound that you’ll be able to rely on for years to come. It’s a big benefit that most other slate pool table options at this price point simply don’t make available.

That’s just one of the features that helps to make this Mizerak pool table so special!

Standout features

There are two real standout features that the Mizerak Donovan 8 foot billiard table offers – the consistent playing surface you’ll enjoy thanks to the slate or slatron surface and the consistent K66 nose rubber that offers predictable rebounds you can trust every time you play a bank shot.

The billiards tables slate surface is (obviously) the better and more accurate surface to play on, though the slatron surface is reliable enough for “weekend warriors” that will only be playing a bit of pool every now and again.


  • 8 foot tabletop is perfect for any space
  • Beautiful classic design with a modern twist fits any room aesthetic
  • Durable wool blend red cloth is brilliant and beautiful
  • Includes two pool cues, a full set of pool balls, a triangle, a brush, and two chalks
  • Available in both slate and slatron to find the perfect surface for your needs


  • The billiards table is going to need to be assembled (which can take an hour or two, and may require a second set of hands to help out)
  • The higher end slate version is more expensive (and more widely recommended)

Final verdict

At the end of the day, this Mizerak pool table for sale is certainly one of the best options available on the market today. The price point that this product is sold at is tough to beat, and you would be well advised to take a much closer look at this 8 foot snooker table.

Set up as a billiards table or a snooker table, you’re going to be able to enjoy years and years of enjoyment out of this particular product. Though there are other tables you’ll have the chance to purchase, it really doesn’t get much better than the Mizerak Donovan 8 foot billiard table!

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