Mizerak Dakota BRS 8 Foot Billiard Table Review


If you are looking to make a gaming room in your house, the full setup would not be completed unless you get a Billiards table. A Billiards table tends to complete the whole look and ensures that you can enjoy the game at leisure whenever your friends come over or when you have some time to yourself and would like to relax and get lost in the game.

When you head out to purchase a pool table, there are a number of decisions that you have to take. Which one should you go for? Would a slate pool table prove to be a better option or should you go for a slatron table? How much budget should you set aside for your purchase and what should be the features that you ought to look for? If you are looking for a billiard table that is appealing in design and does not let you down in terms of quality, you should take a look at this Mizerak pool table.



Stable and sturdy design

The design of this 8 foot pool table is such that it would add style and finesse to your gaming room. With a sturdy design, this 8ft pool table would ensure that you can play the game smoothly and the ball rolls around with ease without any resistance from the slate design. This is in contrast to the slatron table, which is a wood composite product whose surface does not remain flat after a short span of time and thus, playing the game becomes a difficult task. This table, with its metal frame and laminate cabinet, makes it certain that you get your money’s worth and do not have to look for an alternative any time soon.

Ball return system

This Mizerak pool table is in line with the latest features. It has rail integrated pockets and a ball return system, which makes it more feasible for you to play the game.


  • Metal frame with laminate cabinet
  • Reinforced pedestal legs with leg levelers
  • Wood blend cloth
  • 3-5/8” rails with K66 nose rubber
  • Rail integrated pockets with ball return system

One thing that works in the favor of this table is that it is not overly priced. You get your money’s worth. Usually, when people think about getting a slate pool table, they tend to look for a pool table for sale as they are confident that good quality slated tables would be so expensive that it would be very difficult to get their hands on these tables without letting their budget go over the top. The slatron table can be availed at a lower rate, but it does not last for a long time, and you would have to look for another option in few years. However, with this table, this is not a problem that you would have to face. It is durable and resilient and would ensure that you can make complete use of it.
Its design is another factor that is appealing. It has the sort of design that would contribute to the quotient of style to your gaming room. With a simple yet stylish metal design, this table would be able to bear the brunt of time with ease.


The only problem that you would have to deal with is that of assembly, which is not going to be an easy task to handle. If you try it on your own, it might take you few hours to get the job done. The whole process is rather involved and would leave you drained. It is a better option to have a second set of hands to have it installed.


The Mizerak Dakota Billiard table is available in both slate and slatron versions. At the end of the day, you need to decide what you are looking for. As far as durability is considered and if you look at things from the point of view of a gamer, it is the slate version that you should go for.

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