Minnesota Fats Westmont 7-foot Billiard Table Review

There are a lot of indoor games that people love to play. In today’s world, these games are a great source of keeping people healthy while providing them with a quality lifestyle. The best part of these indoor games is that they provide players with convenience and ease, which means that they are free to play whenever they want while making their spare time productive. Such games should be made a part of one’s life as they allow individuals to move away from their busy schedule and find some time for themselves.

However, a major concern that stands in the way when it comes to these indoor games is the fact that they are inconvenient to be placed in their home, especially the professional ones. Games such as billiard and table tennis are only meant for homes that have a huge area to accommodate them. However, since the advent of the Minnesota Fats Westmont 7ft Billiard Table, the concern is no more. Providing convenience, the product is a mandatory purchase for pool lovers.


The product entails a lot of amazing features that allows it to qualify for being one of the most popular. This pool table is sturdy, which means that it will last a long time. It is very heavy as well, making it difficult to move it with ease. Moreover, it is equipped with modern pedestal-style legs. Its rail integrated pockets are a feature that adds to the luxury of the Minnesota Fats Westmont 7 foot Pool Table.

Equipped with hidden leg levers, this pool table can be transformed into an even playing surface regardless of the floor’s inclination, making the game good to play. The table comes with a complete set of billiard accessories, which include cues, billiard balls, brush, wooden triangle, and chalk.


  • Table Dimensions: 90 inch X¬†50 inch X 31 inch
  • Play Surface Dimensions: 78 inch X 39 inch
  • Solid construction
  • Modern pedestal-style legs
  • Sleek design
  • Concealed leg levers
  • Comes with a complete set of accessories



The 7ft pool table is a complete set of entertainment for the family and pool lovers. The table comes with features that one may not expect in a product placed at such a reasonable¬†price. The table is given a professional touch and contains features such as a solid construction, pedestal legs, sleek design, and concealed levers that make it a desirable product for its target audience. The product’s beauty is quite admirable and hence, the value for its price is higher than expected. This pool table is also quite easy to assemble, adding to the product’s convenience. It is regarded to be a good investment according to most of its consumers.


No product is free of drawbacks as imperfection is the law of nature. Same is the case with this 7ft pool table. Though containing a lot of good features, the table lacks in some area which, if analyzed closely, are nothing compared to the price that the table charges.

Customers have regarded it to be incapable of rolling fast as compared to other pool tables. Moreover, its cushions are a little dead according to the reviews of customers. Though containing certain issues in its making, customers have also admitted to the fact that the features that this pool table provides are commendable.


The Minnesota Fats Pool table is an investment ought to be made due to its unique and innovative design that is accompanied with a touch of professionalism. The table comes with a complete kit, which includes cues, billiard balls, brush, wooden triangles, and chalk. Apart from these accessories, the product contains a lot of features that make it convenient and desirable for the buyer.

The table has its pros and cons that make it distinguishable from other conventional tables. Its adjustable leg levers allow the players to level the surface to ensure a fair game is being played. The product comes at a very reasonable price, putting it in the reach of the average buyer.

This 7 foot pool table for sale is available in the market. Moreover, in order to make things easier for consumers, the Minnesota Fats Westmont 7 foot Billiard Table is available online at Amazon. Therefore, those who wish to make an online purchase of the product can place their order on the site.

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