A Review of the Minnesota Fats 7 ft. Fairfax Billiard Table


When it comes to pool, Minnesota Fats is a recognizable brand. Along with producing a range of billiard tables, they also provides snooker table accessories like chalk, pool repair kits, and more. Central to their business model is providing a quality product at an affordable cost that can make purchasing one for personal use possible. So, how MinnesotaFatsFairfaxImagedoes the Minnesota Fats 7 ft. billiards table compare to other tables produced by the company or a pool table for sale you might find on in a garage sale? Let’s take a moment to review this cheap pool table and see if it lives up to the legacy of the company and is worth you buying.

The Minnesota Fats 7 ft. Fairfax Billiards Table

Designed to fit into smaller spaces, the compact 6.5’ table is great when you have limited room. A light cherry laminate with black highlights around the corner gives the billiards table a classic look. In addition to a Dur-A-Bond playing surface designed for smooth playability, the snooker table also comes with leg levelers to ensure a completely flat playing surface. Topping it all off is the rail integrated ball return system.


The overall dimension of the snooker table is 31 inches high by 43.5 inches wide and 78 inches long. Weighing in at around 170 pounds, the table itself is
solidly constructed. The overall playfield is 69 inches long by 34.5 inches wide, while the rail width is 4.5 inches. Designed for quick and easy installation, assembly is required once the table arrives at your house. Finally, the individual levers on the feet can be maximally adjusted 2.5 inches, providing versatility and even surfaces regardless of underlying slants or curves in the floor.

Pros & Cons

Those who purchased this snooker table report an excellent surface and design for play. People loved how easy it was to set up and the average time to put it together is around 15 to 20 minutes. Fantastic for families and for those who have limited room or maneuverability, this cheap pool table has allowed many people to enjoy the sport from the comfort of their own home. In the end, this table is a quality product.

That being said, the product is not without its flaws. Not coming with any accessories, you will have to purchase the balls and everything else separately. In addition, it can be challenging to level the surface of the billiards table perfectly, even with the adjustable legs.

Final Thoughts

While it has some flaws, this billiard table is an all around solid purchase perfect for tight spaces and family pool games. An excellent billiards table for the price, this pool table for sale is worth picking up if you want a product that continues the company’s legacy of quality but don’t want to scale up to a more expensive model. Compared to the competition, it is a good choice in its price bracket.

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