How to Move a Pool Table?


When you are thinking of moving a pool table, you’re tempted to believe that the same rules apply as when you’d be moving a regular one. Nothing further from the truth! Have a look at this piece of furniture: it’s huge, extremely solid and weights much more than you must have estimated. It’s never been a good idea to attempt to move it as it is.

What to consider first

When you are planning to move a pool table, consider its size, then its separate parts. Too big/heavy models will have to be disassembled. Also, consider how much help you’ll be getting from others, if any. This is a tough job.

Disassembling the table

When the table is too big and you don’t have enough helpers or the entryways are just too narrow for it, then almost complete disassembling is required. This is a big task in itself already, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. While it may be really heavy, some parts are incredibly delicate and ask for all your attention and skill.

Start by removing the staples of the side pockets. Use the screw driver as needed. Unscrew the bolts and hold the rails with a socket wrench. Take these rails apart carefully.

Keep this in mind: always label each piece you remove. When you’ll be putting these back together, you could be having a very hard time figuring out which is what.

The felt cover is very tricky to disassemble and put back. Remove the staples if you don’t plan to just throw it away. Use extra care, because it’s such a delicate material and you need it in perfect shape.

Proceed to removing the slate with a power drill. Have more people maneuver this. Wrap the pieces well and don’t inflict any damage.

Get people and tools

You can only accomplish this if you get some reliable helpers. Gather several individuals with a strong physique and no debilitating conditions or injuries.

You will need 4 wooden dollies. These work on wheels and are solid enough to move an object as heavy as your table. If you want to avoid scratching its legs, then make sure to wrap these dollies in cloth or fabric. Place the dollies close to the legs, because then you will have to quickly slide them underneath as the table is lifted. Get one leg at a time. Have at least two people do this. Use one foot to push the dolly underneath and be careful not to injure your back. Lock the wheels or place other objects around, so that these dollies don’t slide back. You’ll need to keep in place all 4 of them.

Rolling the table

If you locked or blocked the dollies, free them now. Choose your rolling path and remove anything that may stand in the way, even the doors if there’s not enough room. Use a pressure that lets you be in control, so that the table doesn’t go astray. For better control, have at least one person to help you. Thus, the two of you will be controlling two opposite corners, as recommended. When there are more people helping, distribute the strength evenly.

Only when the table is in its final place you may remove the dollies. Have the table perfectly aligned and right in the desired place.

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In some situations, one will just have to admit that it’s impossible to move a pool table. They may not have enough man power to perform this or the environment/house layout may not allow for it. In this case, furniture experts will know what to do. Just locate them and give them a call. Yes, there are professional pool table movers out there. This is a service you will have to pay for, of course. The cost will be determined according to the features of the table itself (weight, size, legs, pocket types, ball return system), the stairs to be climbed or descended and so on. It’s a risky business for everyone, but especially for yourself if you don’t admit you’re helpless and refuse to call for a pool table mover service. It is true, the price can be quite steep in the end, but it’s worth it. Otherwise you would risk severe injury or simply not be able to enjoy your pool table.

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