Hathaway Maverick Table Tennis and Pool Table Review


Are you interested in pool? For many, the answer might be “Yes”. Pool is one of the best games to play in the world. It is interesting, fun and sporting in nature which makes it all the more entertaining.HathawayMaverickImage01

If you also like playing ping pong, in addition to pool, you might be looking for a table that combines both. There is the new Hathaway Maverick Pool and Table Tennis Table, 7-Feet to fit the bill. This is a cheap pool table making it one that’s easily affordable. It is for sure one of the best tables in the world to play billiards on and below are some of its features and specifications.

Features and Specifications

The product specifications of this pool table for sale are as follows.

  •  The playfield of the billiards table measures around 74.75 inch long, 36.75 inch wide and ¾ inch thick MDF. It also has a very durable and high quality feel given its red felt.
  •  The playfield of the table tennis table measures around 84 inch long, 46 inch wide and ½ inch thick. It is a two-piece blue top. It also has a black edged trim.
  • The table weighs 252lbs.
  • The side is laminated with black matte and the end panels have molded corner connectors with black ABS.
  • There are also a number of rubber cushions which are reinforced to allow fast and accurate ball rebound.
  • There is a silver laminated top rail that is half an inch thick. It has white inlay sights and also a chrome plated
  •  The table is of high quality and it is also very durable.

Pros and Cons

Every product has a few pros and cons. The same applies to this billiards table. They are as follows.


  • The size is just the perfect size; it is neither too small nor is it too big. The table can be used in a small area without causing it to look too congested.
  • It can be used by people of all ages and this obviously includes kids.
  •  All the equipment that is required for both pool and ping pong
    table is provided to the users.
  • The ease of assembly is another plus point on this product.
  • The ping pong table is cheap with a heavy pressboard. It has lifting handles; this feature increases the convenience in lifting.
  • The black edge trimming, silver laminate and plastic drop pockets give a classy look and finish.
  •  Last but not the least, the table is very sturdy and it is also very easy to put together.


  •  Sometimes the user can feel that the table is quite heavy
    which makes it difficult to lift.
  • Difficult for logistics during a relocation process.
  • The table can be seen as a very small table at times by the user.


This is one of the best pool table because of the above mentioned pros and cons. There is nothing that can deny this particular fact. Go get yourself this cheap pool table for sale as soon as possible. The cons can obviously be ignored because this is a great product.

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