Hathaway Hustler 7 and 8-foot Pool Table Review

You have an upcoming vacation and you have invited your dear ones over to your place. It is always a great time reuniting with your friends and family. But most of the time when these people come over, all we do is sit and talk and then, very soon we sit and wonder what can be done to enjoy and add fun to make the special time with friends and family more special. And for those of us who like a game of pool now and then, nothing would be better than playing a game of pool. And to add more fun to your game, this easy to use, standardized and 7 or 8 foot pool table from Hathaway is the best option. Hathaway is a very well renowned company, known for manufacturing best quality family games and accessories. And the best part is that all the games and accessories manufactured by this company are available at a very reasonable price. And the Hathaway Hustler Pool Table is, without any doubt, one of those products that will add to the value of your house.



Features and Specifications

The Hathaway Hustler Pool Table comes packed with a lot of amazing features and excellent specs that will make any billiard player fall in love with it.

  • This pool table is available in both sizes of 7 foot and 8 foot.
  • Dimensions: 96 x 56 x 32”
  • Weight: 280 lbs
  • It comes with a playing surface of 78“x 39“.
  • It comes with tournament style fast action gum rubber cushions which provide excellent bounce to the balls, thus making the game smoother and more fun.
  • It comes with a ¾ in. MDF playing surface certified by CARB which provides nice accuracy and a consistent ball roll covered with blue felt which also provides great looks.
  • It also has legs of pedestal style with 6 inches stabilizing levelers, providing you complete stability while playing.
  • The legs of this 7 and 8 foot pool table are super sturdy.
  • The table has a matte cabinet of Black color with 4 in. wide laminated top rails which not only adds to the looks of the product but also provides extended durability.
  • It has an integral ball return method makes re-racking the balls very easy and management of the balls simpler.
  • Comes with a set of pool balls, two pool cues of 57”, 2 chalk pieces, one table brush and one racking triangle.


Just in case you have long been looking for a pool table which comes packed with plenty of features and can serve you with a great experience, then reading the following advantages of the Hathaway Hustler Pool Table will surely make you realize what makes it worth a buy:

  • This 8 foot or 7 foot pool table comes with a high quality felt surface, which will enrich your gameplay experience.
  • The looks of the table are very classy. All of us feel good about things that look good and can add to the decor of the home.
  • The legs of the table come with 6 inches levelers. So, even if you keep it on an uneven surface it will be completely stable. You won’t get to experience any shakiness interrupting your game.
  • The legs of the table are sturdy and hence ensure that they don’t give way or wobbly after a little use.
  • The quality of the material used in the making is of very high quality. So, the table is very durable and won’t wear out very soon. Hathaway’s Hustler pool table has a strong and rugged structure, so solid performance is completely ensured with this table. You will notice the quality built into this great table when hitting a corner shot or when you lean on it using the bridge.



This product doesn’t have many cons, but there are a few things worth considering before buying it. A few people have complained about the leveling issue in the table. According to them, if the table is not leveled properly the balls tend to move towards the corners.


The people who have used this Hathaway Hustler 8 foot or 7 foot Pool Table are very satisfied with it. It indeed comes with a lot of features and accessories. Some disadvantages do exist, but this is something which is not a waste of money and comes at a reasonable price.

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